Noel Beltran

Noel Beltran has had a prosperous career in insurance, recently as President/CEO of Contractor Source Insurance Services. Insurance has been a passion for Noel for the past 22 years. In 2009, he transferred to Premier Agency Inc., and maintained a $3.3 million premium book of business. Noel transitioned to real estate four years ago joining the Carlile team for a new and exciting challenge. 

Noel was a go-getter since he was a young boy. In 7th grade he knew he had to work hard for what he wanted; nothing was going to be handed to him. He decided to get a paper route so that he would always have his own money. This sense of independence drove Noel to work hard each day. Today, Noel and his wife, Tara, are the proud parents of two young children. The weekends are spent at either baseball, soccer, swimming or cheer leading. Tara currently attends McGeorge School of Law and is expected to graduate in Spring 2018.

Noel is delighted to give back to his community. Each year the staff of Contractor Source Insurance Services get together and carefully decide which organization they are going to give back to. Recently 20 bikes and helmets were donated through Contractors for “Kids and Shoes” and school supplies were donated for foster children through Sleep Train Inc. Noel and his staff have also donated their time to Women Escaping a Violent Environment (WEAVE) and Feed the Hungry drives through Sacramento Loaves and Fishes.

What makes Noel differ from other agents is that he only works with a few clients at a time so that he can provide you with a personal touch and experience. His knowledge in more industries than real estate sets him apart from others. Noel likes to work hard but have fun and never takes himself too seriously.