Max Moon

As a third generation Real Estate Professional Max Moon sets the bar exceptionally high, meeting the goals of his clients and making their dreams of homeownership come true.  Processing both his Mortgage Loan License and Real Estate License he has been able to save his clients hundreds of dollars a month through smart purchases and refinances.  Having been in the industry since 2002 Max built commitment to service and high emphasis on responsiveness, reliability and trust, Max provides his clients with all the information necessary to help them make the right real estate decisions in today’s dynamic real estate market.

As a resident of the Tri County area for most of his life Max has been fortunate enough to experience the splendors of Northern California; from the relaxing ocean, to exploring mountains the fantastic weather gives him the ability to explore his hobbies year-round. He loves spending time with his wife and two daughters Golfing, Snowboarding, Boating, and Mountain/Road Biking. Max is also the Director of Advocacy and Board member for Northern California Huntington Disease Chapter and a proud coordinate of the Parity Act/Bill H.R. 1015 with congress securing signatures from top U.S. Government Officials.

“I have learned that what transforms thoughts into concrete achievements is one’s determination, perseverance and patience. Those characteristics are instrumental in me meeting goals and staying competitive in one of the world’s best real estate markets. Thank for your trust, I look forward to working with you…”

– Max Moon