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    Taylor Greer

    CA DRE #01414776
    O: 916-CARLILE M: (916) 5215350

    I was born and raised in the Sacramento area. My entire family is involved with real estate, so you could say that the business is in my blood. My Dad was an influential property developer in the city. I can remember thinking it was so exciting to be in the car with him when he was making deals on the phone, and I was always captivated by the big land maps (development plan drawings) in his office. I always found his work to be fascinating, and his ambition, professionalism, and dignity have always been a huge inspiration to me.

    Besides my Dad’s involvement in the industry, my Mom was a Real Estate Broker and Family Law Attorney, so she set a wonderful example for me to follow, as well. I am very fortunate because real estate was not only a natural progression for me, familywise, but more importantly, a field that I am passionate about and continue to be fascinated by.

    I started out in the industry in the mid 2000’s as a mortgage broker, with roles as a founding member and executive for a couple of different local brokerages. I also established CARLILE Realty & Lending and CARLILE Investments, my current companies, that same year. This entrepreneurial experience awarded me an in-depth knowledge and well-rounded approach to the field of real estate, with an expertise for both the mortgage/loan process and the client focused side of home sales and purchases.

    My primary focus in business is on advancing CARLILE Investments and CARLILE Realty & Lending to meet the growing demands of the market place. The primary way that I am doing this is by emotionally investing in my staff. My goal is to make every member of my twenty-member and growing team realize their unique and valuable potential. It is my professional mission to provide a culture of support and motivation for my staff, because their success ultimately leads to the overall success of our company. Our overarching purpose is to take the CARLILE companies to the next level is to provide a wide range of services, including agents, loans officers, and property appraisers.

    While success in entrepreneurship, business, and real estate is extremely important to me, it comes second to the most valuable thing in my life. My family is my ultimate and true passion. I found the love of my life, Szandra, thirteen years ago, and we have two beautiful children together, Declan Matyas, who is four years old, and Axton Conner, who we proudly welcomed into this world in November of 2017.

    In addition to my professional and family priorities, I also do my best to give back to my community, with my favorite cause being veteran and military support. I believe that those who served have earned a superior opportunity for success in this country by volunteering to make the ultimate sacrifice, without asking anything in return. To repay the service to these brave men and women, CARLILE Realty & Lending is the Real Estate partner for America’s Homeless Veterans (AHV) project and we actively support VAREP (Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals). We also work closely with Deadeye construction, a wholly owned veteran construction company that donates 5% of their profit to veteran causes.

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    Taylor Greer
    Broker / President
    Office: 916-CARLILE
    ERA CARLILE Realty Group
    1860 Howe Avenue, Suite 100
    Sacramento CA 95825

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