Aaron Keylon

Aaron has an appreciation for life and spends every day as if it is a new day. A few years ago he had a serious health scare and nearly lost his life. Because of this he has a positive outlook and is grateful for each day. His biggest accomplishment is his two kids. Aaron’s daughter currently attends California State University, Sacramento and is expected to graduate in Spring 2019 with a major in Outdoor Physical Therapy. His son is currently attends school in Arizona. Each year Aaron and his kids select a destination to take a family vacation. They enjoy camping and hiking in Yosemite and surfing in San Diego. Aaron is a caring and loving person that always speaks the truth.

The person he admires most is now his deceased friend, Edward. While Aaron was battling kidney disease and on dialysis, Edward was battling cancer and going to school full-time. He inspired Aaron daily to keep moving forward. One day he asked Edward, “How do you keep going Ed?” he turned and said, “Aaron, there are so many children that are suffering way worse than you and me, so always be thankful for what you have today.” Aaron wept in sorrow, not for himself but for Ed, and his tremendous courage and strength to always push forward even though he was dying.

When Aaron isn’t working or spending time with his family, he enjoys cooking or eat out with friends. He considers himself a ‘foodie’ and loves to grill on the BBQ or the smoker.

At one point in Aaron’s career he had considered becoming a preschool teacher and therefor became a certified preschool teacher. But his real passion is real estate.

Aaron was always in the top ten for production when working for the Home Loan Group.

What makes Aaron different than other agents is that he is compassionate, truthful and loves people; from kids to seniors truly enjoys helping others.

Aaron Keylon has been selling real estate for nearly two decades and recently joined the Carlile Realty and Lending team. He grew up in Lodi and attended California State University, Sacramento with majors in both Business Management and Natural Science. Aaron has years of experience buying and selling homes from Sacramento to the Tracy area.